Kieran's orange chocolate birthday cake

Baked a cake for Kieran's birthday party this weekend. Used two of my new favorite chocolate cake recipes.

The great thing about these is that they are fast and easy, and really tasty.

My new go-to chocolate cake recipe is this one:

It is quick and easy, very moist and super chocolatey - a must for chocolate cake.

I make it in a bowl, although you can mix it right in the cake pan as well. This was a double batch. I use milk for the liquid.

Then I added my frosting, one I had first tried at Easter.

It is easy and fast, and very good. It's just cream, grated orange rind, chocolate (I use Lindt bittersweet couverture) and butter.

I left it to cool and set, then Kieran and I worked on the decoration. I didn't want a frosting decoration - the party was outside and it was hot, I didn't want it to melt and run, so we used these tiny bits of coated chocolate from the bulk store that I had on hand, plus candy melts to make the balloons.

The cake was a hit, although it was too windy at the park for lit candles.


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