Buffalo chicken mushrooms

Buffalo wings and blue cheese.

Just writing that makes me salivate. 

However, holy calories, Batman! Not something to indulge in often. 

We are always trying to come up with substitutes - at the least they must involve hot sauce and at least a bit of blue cheese.

Today's experiment involves some stuffer mushrooms I picked up yesterday. I had a leftover piece of roasted chicken to use up and some Gorgonzola. 

I started with chopping up the chicken, then drenching that in buffalo wing sauce. Love that sauce - no fat or calories - zip.

Then I took the stems out of the mushrooms.  I cracked one before I realized I had to be gentle.  I found it easier to cut into the base of the stem on one side with a spoon first, then gently pushing it. I imagine Portabellas would be great for this.

Then I spooned the chicken into the hollow mushrooms and crumbled the blue cheese on top.

Off it goes in the toaster oven, at 350' for about 15 minutes, or until they start to soften. Not too long or they will get watery - I think I will bake mine for a shorter time next time.



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