Building a cedar planter for herbs

Beside my back door, in front of a window well, I had a hodgepodge of large pots. I wanted something a bit less random looking so I decided to build a cedar planter.

I got cedar fence board to build it as I wanted it to last and it will hold edibles.

To make a 2' x 5' x 18" high planter I got 2 6" x 6' boards and 6 6" x 5' boards. 

It only took 2 cuts - holding the 6' boards together, I cut them into 3 2' lengths.

To support the corners I used some old 2" x 2" stakes.

I pre-drilled and screwed the short side pieces to the stakes, with the pointy end sticking out the bottom. These ends will be driven into the ground which will stabilize the box. 

Next, I per drilled the ends of my longer boards.

Once I had my two sides came the trickier bit. I stood the ends up and lay three long boards on top.

Flip it over and do the other side.

Now, put it right side up, and pound it in place. I found the ground too gravelly to pound the posts in, so my little helper and I dug out holes for them.

We put it in place, pounded it in a bit, then back filled the holes.

I had to brace the front as the boards could bow out when full of dirt, so I screwed in a 1x2 on the inside.

Some weird insect came to supervise. Looks like a mayfly.

Now to fill it up. I filled the bottom two thirds with bedding from the coop and the rest with new container soil. 

Finally, my chives were moved in, plus onions, basil and rosemary. There's still room for lots of other herbs or greens. And it looks so much better than a motley of pots!


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