Dziadek - regional dish of oats and bacon, plus a Pinterest win!

We started the day today with dziadek (which means grandpa in Polish) - Kieran calls it grandpere.  It's simply a thickened oatmeal cooked on water rather than milk, with bacon on top.

Mmmmm.....bacon - what isn't better with bacon!?!?

Start with cutting up bacon in small squares. Try a Polish deli for the bacon - it's not so full of crap and you can get them to slice it really thin for you. Start frying it up on medium low heat.

Meanwhile, start a pot of water boiling.

Add a bit of flour to your quick oats. Use whatever oats you like.

Once the water is boiling, add the oats slowly, mixing constantly to reduce any lumps. Add more than you would for breakfast porridge as this should be a fair bit thicker - not so thick you can stand up a spoon in it but close to it.

Cook for as long as your oats require, reducing the heat to medium, and a couple of minutes more on a lower heat to ensure the flour is cooked too.

Spoon it into a wide bowl, spreading it out to the edges and up the sides slightly.  Add your cooked bacon and a bit of the drippings too - they are so good for you, and are super delicious!

Dig in! This is Kieran's favorite porridge - as it was mine when I was a child.

Then, as we're expecting tons of company this weekend, I made my favorite bread recipe. I found this one on Pinterest and it's incredible!! The tastiest buns you will ever have - sweet, squashy and very tasty - not your usual tasteless white buns.  This one is a Pinterest win - unlike the cookie bowls I tried a few weeks ago which turned into cookie muffins - do not put the dough inside a muffin tin and expect it to keep its shape. 

Although putting the dough on the outside of the tin doesn't seem much better.

I got the recipe from the following site:

They are easy to make too.

Kieran made some teeny ones.

I made some that were just balls to see if they would be just as good without the extra butter and effort. They were.

They came out great - this is the second time I made these - this recipe is a real keeper. I want to try them with chocolate filling next time.

See my recipe boards on Pinterest for more ideas.


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