My brooder has a new batch of babies!

My new batch of chicks 

and poults came yesterday!

I'm using the brooder I build last year for them and keeping them in the garage.

 Cornish x, I learned the hard way last year, should not be kept in the house...they stink. No other breed smells like that - it's sort of like really strong butter so we call them Butter Chickens.

The brooder was made out of scraps of plywood and a piece of plywood in the offcuts pile at Rona, plus a wooden window from Habitat for Humanity that I filled in with hardware cloth.

Hinges from Habitat for the window/door.

Wheels on the bottom from some furniture that came with them that we didn't want to be mobile.

I just used 2x2s in the corners and edges to attach the sides together.

Put in a bucket with nipples for water - I added an extra support in the top for that hook.

Good thing I ordered more turkeys, I lost one yesterday - it and a chick just disappeared during the day. I may have to put out a live trap again.


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