Tomato and Tomatillo Salsa

Each weekend I get in a harvest now seems like a gift.  Frost threatens every few days and the weather is extremely variable.  After a cool summer and only a few hot days in September, the harvest is not what I had hoped.  I have made a few batches of tomato sauce the last few weekends, but never enough to bother with canning, so they went into the freezer. 

Even the tomatillos are not in over abundance as they usually are. This year though, I am determined to make more use of them. Some went into the freezer, cleaned and frozen whole on a baking sheet.

My favourite thing to make with Tomatillos (well, to be honest, the only thing I make with them) is a salsa. The nice thing about this recipe is that there is no recipe. Use what you have, add what you like, season to taste.

I clean the tomatillos, removing the husk and cutting away any cracks or bad bits. Then I add the last of the cherry tomatoes and a few jalapeños from my sad little plants.

They make a lovely, colourful mix. I throw the tomatoes and tomatillos into the food processor and pulse until it is chunky.

I take out most of it into a bowl, leaving about two cups worth and add onion, garlic and the jalapeños and put the food processor on until it is chopped down quite fine.

I mix this in with the coarsest chopped mix, add salt and pepper to taste, a few splashes of vinegar, a squeeze of lime juice and some more garlic - there is never enough garlic.



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