Tshirt to pillow case refashion

I love repurposing fabric! Not that I need more fabric - I have a whole wall of it in my craft room, but some items are just too neat to throw out or donate.

I had this oversized tshirt with a Cocoa Puffs design.  Way too big for me, and the design was too big for a tshirt for my wee 6 year old - who is a Cocoa Puffs fan.

So I decided to make something he can enjoy that is way easier to make to boot.

I used a pillowcase from one of his little pillows as a template and just cut out a bit bigger around it on all sides.

Then I serged the three closed sides and serged the edges of the open end as well.

Finally, I sewed the open end with a 3/4" hem and done!


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