Hot tile painting, cheese making and an awesome cookie recipe

The last few weeks have been extremely busy with finishing up in the garden, prepping for winter outside, and tons of other tasks.

In between, I learned how to make cheese, did some new crafts with my little guy and tried some new recipes.

Hot Tile Painting

 I found this cool craft on Pinterest. Found some old light grey tiles at my dad's place, which we're cleaning out to help him get ready to sell.  Heated them in the toaster oven.  Picked them up with a pizza lifter and put them on a cutting board at the table.  Then Kieran drew on them with crayon - the crayon melts on contact with the tile so it becomes like a thick paint which you can then blend, or draw lines in with toothpicks, or manipulate with a cotton swab - so many possibilities! This is definitely a craft we'll try again.

Cheese Making

 We get organic milk delivered to our door from Limestone Creamery - a family run business just 15 minutes away from us.  They offer unhomogenized milk, which is so lovely and creamy.  I ordered a few extra bottles recently to try making cheese - I bought a kit from a vendor at the Kingston Market. I made mozzarella and we made pizza with it - yumm! I had no idea it would be so easy and quick - I am looking forward to trying more with my kit. I even got a bit of ricotta out of the whey.

Awesome Cookies!

I found this great cookie recipe on Taste of Home for vanilla walnut crescents. I know, there's no chocolate, and normally I would say 'what's the point of that, then?' - but these are worth it! Super tasty and easy - they are flaky and delicious.  Kieran made a few tiny ones of his own when he got tired of helping me roll up the big ones.
Vanilla Walnut Crescent Recipe


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